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Terms and Conditions


1.1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the rules for using the website

1. 2. The website belongs to “Zemya – 96” OOD, UIC 127025185, with registered office and address of management: Shumen, 11 Pobeda Str., 2nd floor, apt. 4, represented by Ivan Petkov Ivanov (hereinafter “Tsarev Brod Winery”). 


2. Tsarev Brod Winery’s website presents the activity, history and products of the business and provides an opportunity to purchase wine and other goods in the online store, to book wine tours and to subscribe to the e-newsletter.

3. The website may contain links to other sites. Tsarev Brod Winery is not responsible for the privacy policy of websites that it does not administer, as well as for any information contained therein.

4.1. Tsarev Brod Winery regularly updates the content and accessibility of the website in order to improve its use. Tsarev Brod Winery reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate to the website and therefore cannot guarantee uninterrupted and timely access without errors to the entire website at any time. If necessary and in order to preserve and improve the quality and security of the website, Tsarev Brod Winery may temporarily restrict access to it (on planned or incidental occasions).

4.2. Tsarev Brod Winery is not responsible for any malfunctions, bugs or damage related to external modules that are managed and controlled by external websites.

5.1. Tsarev Brod Winery is not responsible for damages or lost profits of customers of the website as a result of the actions of a third party who used the information on the website through unethical technical means. However, Tsarev Brod Winery guarantees that it uses the means at its disposal to prevent any such actions.

5.2. Tsarev Brod Winery may seek redress against any person who has carried out an attack by any means against the Tsarev Brod Winery website, whether against its technical structure or against the published content (illegal copying, hacking, sending malicious files, etc.).


6. Tsarev Brod Winery has the right to send customers who have registered for the service, an e-newsletter containing information about current publications, promotions and proposals related to the activities of the winery and the online store.


7. Through the online store on the website, the seller Tsarev Brod Winery concludes with customers contracts for sale and delivery of wine and other goods. For this purpose, customers can: 

              (i) make electronic statements in connection with the conclusion or performance of contracts with the seller through the online store interface; 

(ii) examine the goods, their characteristics, prices and terms of delivery; 

(iii) enter into contracts for the sale of goods, offered by the seller in the online store; 

(iv) make payments in connection with the concluded contracts according to the payment methods supported by the online store. 


8.1. An order is any individual request sent to Tsarev Brod Winery by a customer for the purchase of goods from the online store. An order can be made through the interface of the online store, by e-mail or by phone. Tsarev Brod Winery confirms the acceptance of the order by e-mail or via the phone number specified by the customer.

8.2. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions when placing an order, the customer declares that he/she is familiar with the content of these General Terms and Conditions and declares that he/she accepts them and shall comply with them.

8.3. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions by ticking the appropriate checkbox, as well as sending an order by pressing the appropriate button and confirming each individual order, are electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and lead to the conclusion of contracts between the parties – Tsarev Brod Winery and the customer.

8.4. By placing an order, the customer declares that the personal data provided (name, phone, email address and delivery address) are correct and complete and gives his explicit consent to their processing by Tsarev Brod Winery in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

8.5. By using the online store of Tsarev Brod Winery on, you declare and guarantee that you are at least 18 years old. Tsarev Brod Winery has the right to refuse to accept an order in case of suspicion that the customer is under 18 years of age. 

9. Tsarev Brod Wineryr has the right to refuse to complete the customer’s order if the contact details provided by the customer are incomplete and/or incorrect or if the transaction is not accepted by the card issuing bank or the funds are not credited to the account of the seller. Tsarev Brod Winery is obliged to notify the customer of the refusal of the order if possible. In case of refusal of the order, neither party has the right to seek compensation from the other.


10.1. All prices of goods in the online store of Tsarev Brod Winery are in Bulgarian leva (BGN) with VAT included. The indicated prices of the individual goods do not include the costs for their delivery. 

10. 2. The final amount, including the price of the goods and the costs of their delivery, is paid by the customer:

(i) online by debit or credit card through an external payment service provider module, or; 

(ii) to the delivering courier company in the form of cash on delivery at the time of receipt of the goods (only for deliveries to an address in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria).


11.1. Delivery of the ordered goods is carried out through a courier company, determined by Tsarev Brod Winery. The ordered goods are delivered by a courier company to an address specified by the customer on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or in the European Union. 

11.2. The courier company determines the delivery price depending on the delivery address. When ordering bottles over BGN 200, delivery on the territory of Bulgaria is free. When ordering to a Speedy office, the cost of delivery is free.

11.3. Orders of goods from the online store are delivered within 3(three) working days from the receiving of the order.

11.4. The ordered goods are delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer against the signature of the customer or to a third party who accepts them and confirms their receipt on behalf of the customer. In case the customer is not found within the delivery period according to the general conditions of the courier company at the address specified by him/her or the customer does not provide conditions for delivery of goods within this period, Tsarev Brod Winery is released from its obligation to deliver the ordered goods. In case the customer declares his wish to receive the goods after the delivery period, he bears all the costs of re-delivery.

12.1. The customer has the right to refuse to receive at the time of delivery the goods ordered by him/her, when the delivered goods clearly do not correspond to those ordered by him/her and this can be established during their ordinary inspection or when the goods were damaged during transportation. After receiving the goods, the customer has the right to request their return only if he later finds defects that could not be noticed during a simple inspection. Tsarev Brod Winery shall not be liable if the characteristics of the goods deviate from those specified by the manufacturer or distributor when he is a third party.

12.2. When he/she refuses to receive or return the goods in the specified cases, the customer may request in writing from Tsarev Brod Winery that the goods delivered to him be replaced with those corresponding to the agreement or a refund in full of the amounts paid by him within 30 (thirty) days. The return of goods is permissible only if their integrity is intact.

12.3. In case of unreasonable refusal to receive or return the ordered goods by the customer, he/she must pay the costs of delivery and return. In these cases, the customer owes Tsarev Brod Winery compensation for damages and lost profits due to the unjustified refusal.

13.1. A customer who is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act has the right, without paying compensation and without stating a reason, to withdraw from the contract for the purchase of goods from Tsarev Brod Winery within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the ordered goods.

13.2. The customer may exercise his right under the previous paragraph by sending a written notice to Tsarev Brod Winery for withdrawal from the concluded contract.

13.3. In the cases under paragraph 1, the customer is obliged to return the ordered goods to Tsarev Brod Winery with their integrity intact within 14 (fourteen) days as of the date on which the customer has notified Tsarev Brod Winery of his decision to withdraw from the contract and to store the goods until the moment of their delivery, as well as to ensure the preservation of their quality and safety. Tsarev Brod Winery owes the customer a full refund of the amounts paid by him not later than 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the customer has exercised his right to withdraw from the contract. The customer has to pay for all direct costs for the return of the goods. 

13.4. The right of withdrawal under paragraph 1 may not be exercised in respect of sealed goods, which are unsealed after their delivery, as well as goods, which due to their nature may deteriorate in quality or have a short shelf life.


14.1. All goods are sold until the quantities are exhausted, even if this is not explicitly stated in the online store of Tsarev Brod Winery.

14.2. Tsarev Brod Winery has the right to change the range, description and prices of the goods offered in the online store, delivery prices and methods of payment. Each individual order is executed at the prices and under the other conditions, explicitly indicated when making the respective order. 

15. The email and telephone provided in the electronic form of the order will be used by Tsarev Brod Winery to contact the customer. The messages sent to him at the specified e-mail address will be considered received upon receipt in the customer’s email inbox without the need for express confirmation. 

16. Tsarev Brod Winery takes care that the information about the availability of goods in the online store is always up-to-date and accurate. In case Tsarev Brod Winery cannot fulfill the order due to lack of availability of the goods ordered for purchase, within 24 (twenty four) hours from sending the request Tsarev Brod Winery notifies the respective customer that the order its cannot be fulfilled. In this case, Tsarev Brod Winery refunds the amounts paid by the customer, if any, or changes the order at the customer’s request. 

17. Tsarev Brod Winery is not responsible for delayed acceptance or non-acceptance of sent orders when it is due to circumstances beyond its control. The individual orders take effect between the parties after checking the availability of the goods ordered for purchase and after confirmation by Tsarev Brod Winery for acceptance of the order by sending an e-mail or phone number specified by the customer.


18.1. Tsarev Brod Winery offers its customers participation in wine tours, which can be booked and paid for on the website through an external module of the WineAround platform. 

18.2. When booking and paying for wine tours, customers are bound by the general conditions of the WineAround platform ( WineAround SRL, Corso Libertà 53, 14053 Canelli, Italy, VAT Number : 01494960055 ). 


19. Tsarev Brod Winery collects, stores and processes personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which you should familiarize yourself with. 


20.1. The website and all its content are objects of intellectual property, protected by current Bulgarian and applicable international law. 

20.2. Tsarev Brod Winery has the intellectual property rights over the website in its entirety, as well as over all its individual components (including logos, brands, photos, videos, texts, drawings, graphs, presentations, etc.), and its contents may not be used by third parties without the express written consent of the copyright holder. 


21.1. If necessary Tsarev Brod Winery has the right to unilaterally make amendments and/or additions to these General Terms and Conditions. Any amendments and/or additions to these General Terms and Conditions are published on the website

21.2. Amendments and/or supplements to these General Terms and Conditions do not affect the relations between Tsarev Brod Winery and the customer, which arose before the respective amendments. 

22. Tsarev Brod Winery is not responsible for material and immaterial damages suffered by the customer, damages or lost profits in case of non-compliance with these General Terms and Conditions by the customer or due to other reasons beyond the control of Tsarev Brod Winery. 

23. Tsarev Brod Winery is not responsible for the infringement of the rights of third parties by the actions of the customer, including through the use of someone else’s identity data by the customer. 

24. In case of dissatisfaction with the online store or the goods offered on it, Tsarev Brod Winery encourages its customers to contact directly a representative of the company using the following contact details and to make an attempt to informally resolve any disputes that have arisen. In case the customer does not want to use this method or is not satisfied with the answer of Tsarev Brod Winery, the customer can refer the matter to the Electronic platform for online resolution of consumer disputes.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Tsarev Brod Winery

Address: Tsarev Brod village, Shoumen district, Mezarlak locality, PO Box 9747 

Telephone: +359 88 9790495 ; +359 88 9266897