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White Wines


A wine that is light golden. An intensive aroma with well-manifested scents of citrus fruits and rose. Full-bodied, boasting moderate acidity and a lingering fruity finish.

16.80 лв.

This wine has a delicate, straw colour. It boasts an intriguing aroma with a spicy character of Mediterranean herbs. Fresh and elegant, with a zesty finish.

16.80 лв.

A golden wine with grassy hues. The aroma reveals a fresh character, minerality and fruity notes. A lingering and memorable finish.  

16.80 лв.

A richly golden wine. It boasts the aromas of wax, citrus fruits, flowers and honey that are typical of this grape variety. A tight and harmonious body, with a good potential for bottle ageing.

16.80 лв.

A wine that is glittering golden. The aroma boasts a well-manifested minerality with perceptible notes of roasted quince and vanilla. Mellow and full-bodied, with a light spicy and lingering finish.

A wine that is bright golden. The aroma reveals notes of caramelized fruits and roasted nuts. A mellow and balanced body with a fresh finish.

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A wine that is glittering golden. It boasts an intensive aroma with hints of gooseberries, white peach and nuts. Full-bodied and fresh, with a lingering spicy aftertaste.

A white wine of the Gergana grape variety that is light grassy in colour. The aroma is one of ripe apples, citrus fruits and small white flowers. A mellow and fresh body, with a memorable aromatic finish.

16.80 лв.