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Terroir: In the embrace of the

In the world of wine, terroir is a concept of the relationship between land, vine and man. The land on which the vines are grown is believed to confer unique qualities unique to the region. It is no coincidence that the best wines with their own character bear the name of the place or vineyard they originate.

Good terroir is strictly limited, and when paired with the right grape variety, truly supreme wines are produced. In our vineyards, the local climate conditions are one of the keys to the success of the white varieties.

The wide range of temperatures – warm days and cold nights, the breeze from the winds due to the short distance to the coast of around 80 km, the fewer hours of sunshine – approximately 3 500 hours a year – and the altitude of 250 m above sea level, determine the prosperity of fresh and aromatic white and early ripening red varieties.


The land for the cultivation of the vineyards is located in the village of Tsarev Brod, Shumen region. The area of the vineyard is 400 acres. The average altitude of the area is 250 m.


It is a part of the climatic region of the Middle Danube Plain – temperate continental climate.


The topsoil is composed of 60 cm of highly fertile black soil, which was a big challenge for us, but could not stop us from growing the best vines.

Grape varieties

All the wines offered by the winery “Tsarev Brod” are from our own vineyards. The grapes are picked early in the morning and stopped when the natural temperature rises to 16 °C. In this way, the grapes are processed immediately at an average temperature of 13-14 °C. The grape must is fermented in small containers and barriques made individually for each variety in volumes ranging from 225 litres to 5 200 litres.

The white wines are produced from the grape varieties Gergana, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Traminer. The red wines are produced from Evmolpia (a cross between Mavrud and Merlot), Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. The Rosé wine are made from Pinot Noir, Evmolpia and Pinot Gris.

The white and rose wines are aged for five months on the fine lees. Red Pinot Noirs – 18 months in 225 litre barrels, then 12 months in inox vessels, followed by six months in bottle before going to market.

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