the winery

The meeting of old grape varieties with modern winemaking

It's not just a winery - it's art. It is a bold and romantic dream that has withstood the tests of time to become a home of real wine, laying the foundations of new styles in winemaking.

Wine Tours

Let’s experience the magic of wine together

Our wine tours are inspired by the path of grapes.

We warmly welcome you with wide open doors and we introduce you to the colorful world of wine as you have never seen before. Our wine guide will be by your side and guide you on a breathtaking journey. We want to share with you an extraordinary experience by opening the curtain on the whole process.

Good wine is love and passion. We are sure that we will be able to convey this perception to you and further ignite your feelings towards the drink of the gods. We also offer virtual tours and tastings with the intention to take you through our beautiful vineyards in real-time. Do you feel the exciting aroma of fruit-laden, heavy bunches?

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Discover our wines

Tsarev Brod Winery has a wide range of wines in several series: White Label, Yellow Label 'Amber Harvest', Black Label 'Reserve' and Bulgarian series, each of which has its own unique style.

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