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In the heart of wine

Between the two old capitals of Bulgaria – Pliska and Veliki Preslav, is nestled the picturesque Shumen village of Tsarev Brod, whose name bears our winery. In the immediate vicinity is the only rock bas-relief in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Madara Horseman.

The idea for our own winery was born in 2001, when Ivan Ivanov, together with his family, planted the first acres of grape vines in the village of the same name Tsarev Brod. The winery was built in 2015, a full 14 years after the first 27 hectares of vineyards were planted.The winery is located right next to the vineyard, so we achieve perfection in quality by processing the directly picked fruit.

This part of Bulgaria has been called “The home of white wine varieties”. The variety of styles and the quality of the wines produced here make it a true kingdom of these grape varieties.

The story of Tsarev
Brod Winery

Vineyard establishment in Tsarev Brod village
the First Vineyards
We planted the first acres in the world of the Gergana grape variety
Wine Cellar
Construction and furnishing of the wine cellar
First Harvest
First harvest for Tsarev Brod winery
Best Rosé of Bulgaria
We produced Tsarev Brod Rose de Pinot 2016, which according to Di Vino became the "Best Rosé of Bulgaria"
first Sparkling Wine
For the first time we produced a sparkling wine using the most ancient method Petillant Naturel (Pet-Nat)
New Grape Varieties
We supplemented our vineyard with the grape varieties: Evmolpia, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Gris
Gergana sparkling wine
Our first vintage of Natural Sparkling wine using the classic method from the Gergana grape variety
Orange Rosé Pinot Gris
We survived Covid-19 and created our first Orange Rosé Pinot Gris

Our mission

We have always been innovators with an experimental spirit, and with a clear conscience, we can say that we are one of the founders of modern winemaking in Bulgaria.

We grow a wide variety of excellent wine grapes, but we are most proud of our authentic Bulgarian grape varieties. We believe in good Bulgarian wine. It takes the best quality grapes to make it. Our mission is to revive the long-forgotten Bulgarian grape varieties and turn Bulgarians’ eyes back to Bulgarian wine, which deserves to be restored to its glory. After fifty years of oblivion, the winery owner, Ivan Ivanov, has managed to lay the foundations for the revival of the forgotten Bulgarian variety Gergana – an authentic white grape variety obtained by crossing Dimyat and Muscat Ottonel.

Bulgaria has no other winery that works with this grape variety, making the winery “Tsarev Brod” genuinely exceptional.
With our “Bulgarian Series” wines, we are sending an important message about preserving Bulgarian varieties, which are part of Bulgaria’s historical roots.

Our team

Our success is due not to individuals but to the entire team of specialists who work in the cellar, observing perfection even in the smallest detail. This is how success is built. This is how the solid foundations of a perfect end product are laid. We are proud of our wine. We are proud of our team.

Ivan Ivanov, the owner of Tsarev Brod Winery, is an agronomist, a visionary and a dreamer. He has a vision and a philosophy that he follows closely. He grows his vineyards with the clear understanding that grapes are the leading element for a future winery. Quality vines take a long time to reach their optimum stage of growth. For a full eight years, before the idea of owning a winery was transformed from a dream into a reality, several Bulgarian wineries worked with Tsarev Brod grapes in the creation of their wines. In one of them at that time operated the young enologist Nikolay Krastev. This key acquaintance between him and Ivan in the past is the basis of the success of Tsarev Brod today.

Nikolay Krastev is the enologist and the heart of the Tsarev Brod winery. He can rightly be described as one of the modern faces of Bulgarian wine today. His mission is to prove that Bulgaria can produce quality white wines, whose rise and worldwide recognition are yet to come. He believes that winemaking is not just a job but a way of life, a daily adventure of inquisitive nature on the path of improvement, a source of new ideas and inspiration.