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Special Wines


A deep pink, unfiltered rosé of the Pinot Gris grape variety. This wine is dry, light-bodied, and racy, with a rich aroma of wild plums.  

A golden dessert wine with hues of amber. The aroma comprises notes of fig jam, raisins, candied orange peel and quince. A wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity. A lingering finish, reminiscent of honey and acacia.

23.00 лв.

A natural, beautifully golden sparkling wine. The aroma is dominated by apple, quince and citrus fruit notes. Medium-bodied, with a pleasantly fresh fruit-forward finish.

18.00 лв.

The inspiration for this collection is our vineyard! Over the years, we have treated with great patience and love the Riesling grape variety, which has become one of the true wonders of the Tsarev Brod winery. 

220.00 лв.